Wadsworth Trog

Saturday 09/02/08

Wadsworth Trog fell race

6 days of ski-ing does not constitute adequate training for a 20 mile race through bogs.
There is rumour of a grim picture of me near the end looking for my wheels.
Thankfully it hasn't made it online.
Results (link at bottom)



We celebrated my resignation from the Cops with a weeks ski-ing holiday in Morzine.


Northern Police XC

Wednesday 14/11/07

Northern Police cross country league
Cheshire fixture at Wilmslow Rugby Club
6th place in 38-56 (same time as the last XC in Penrith!)

My previous times for this course are 39-20 in '05 and 43-04 in '06.
The winner again was Malcolm Fowler in a quicker 36-12, but he was pushed all the way and won by only 3 seconds.
NPCCL website


Weekend 27/28 October 2007

OMM - Lowther Hills based at Durisdeer
Medium score category - 6 hours on day one, 5 hours day two

Day one 220 points - 120th place (of 260)
Day two 155 points - 145th place (of 259)
Overall we were 124th and Silver certificate winners !


Sunday 21/10/07

Windgather fell race - 13.5miles / 2760 feet
18th place - 1hr 50mins 12secs

Was feeling good going into this.
Then I decided to follow a Cheshire Hill Billy and a Pennine vest.
Flagged course my arse and it happened immediately after we'd passed a marshall too.
So I dropped from 8th to 50 something and spent the second half pulling back through the field.
Looking at the results the five of us who got lost should be in the gap between 1-42 and 1-45!

Northern Police XC

Wednesday 10/10/07

Northern Police cross country league
Cumbrian fixture at Lowther Country Park, Penrith
3rd place in 38-56, my best result in the league.

Winner was Malcolm Fowler in 36-44.
NPCCL website


Lantern Pike

Saturday 15/09/07

Lantern Pike fell race - 5miles / 1150feet
18th place - 36mins 17secs



Mountain Trial

Sunday 09/09/07

Lake District Mountain Trial - 20 miles ??? / 9260ft
7th place - 4hrs 46mins 06secs

I hadn't fully digested Schoffer's appreciation of the LDMT in the latest Fellrunner.
As it happens I followed his advice to a T.
Set off like a nutter up the first hill to promptly get nearly cragfast and watch all those I had overtaken cutting off beneath me straight onto the checkpoint. Arse.
Then started pulling through and think I chose a decent line around the S of Red Screes to CP2. Bit miffed to have Brendan Bolland pass me here, though he did come 2nd, so it shows I chose a decent line. CP2 is where the lucky break came.
I saw Steve Birkenshaw just as I was arriving and decided, rather cheekily, to follow him. He chose a deft line which took us up Calf Cove onto the Farifield ridge. We ran together to Seat Sandal to arrive at CP3 with Jim Davies and John Hunt. Choosing to follow John from here I took a line down the tongue off Dollywaggon which proved to be a good one as Jim arrived at CP4 at the same time (though he was moving a bit quicker). A bit of a blunder left me too high in crags trying to find CP6, but in the end I think I got off lightly on the nav front, unlike Schoff and Paul !!!
Jo looked very worried at the start but finished smiling and full of talk of optimum route choice from here to there, so I think she enjoyed it. KIMM next for us my dear!
Overall Results, splits and prize list


The Ben

Saturday 01/09/07

Ben Nevis hill race - 10miles / 4450feet
29th place - 1hr 48mins 41secs

My 6th Ben Race and set a new PB shaving off 4mins 29secs.
Mostly down to a better descent than normal, despite the damp conditions.
If only I'd managed to follow Donald as he flew past, I might have unlocked a few more mysteries of the descent route. Made a boob on a zig choice at the end, when I should have followed the Lochaber vest. This cost me the few seconds that I couldn't quite gain on Angela.
Was very chuffed and surprised that we got bronze medals for being third team.


Wednesday 22/08/07

Wormstones fell race - 5miles / 1170ft
7th place - 37mins 44secs

Eschewed round Latrigg for more fierce High Peak pain and came 7th again.
Managed to get past the lad who beat me at Eccles Pike and held him off on the road.
Jo Bo had another good run, putting in more miles in readiness for her LDMT debut!!!


Saturday 18/08/07

Weasdale Horseshoe fell race - 8miles / 1890ft
78th place - 1hr 7mins 3secs
English championship medium counter. Another 0 pointer.

Slightly improved on my 121st at Fairfield.
But not very much.
It will be no surprise to you that I set off way to quickly.
Not helped by my a mudclaw getting stuck in a bog, which resulted in a stop on the descent and a lot of foul expletives (sorry Geoff).